Q: How can I finance the project I liked? 

A: Every project page has a button “Donate”.

You need to choose the project you like and send a comfortable amount.

Q: How can I offer an educational project for financing?

A: Fill in the form. We will review the project within 1 week and let you know if it is accepted for publication. We publish no more than 3-4 projects in a month. This way the quality of projects does not suffer and our sponsors are not overloaded with information.

Q: Does the UAIQ.ORG charge a commission on the amount received?

A: No, the UAIQ.ORG does not take commission from the received amount. The only expenses are the PayPal commission and the bank transfer. UAIQ.ORG works pro bono.

Q: Will there be reports on the funds spent?

A: Yes, every project after the implementation stage sends a report to our financial partner Nova Ukraine. We will also publish the results on our website and send them out to everyone who financed the project.