Richelieu Lyceum scientific events 2018

Title: Richelieu Lyceum scientific events 2018


#1. STEM summer camp
In June 2018 Richelieu Lyceum will organize its annual intellectual summer camp, an event which combines sophisticated lectures, competitions and tournaments and quests are mixed with beach time and sport activities. It is traditionally hosted for the best students in recognition of their hard work. Duration – 8 days.
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#2. Math and Natural Sciences Olympiad
In October 2018 Richelieu Lyceum will organise its traditional Scientific Olympiad “Richelieu Regata” hosting students from the top schools from all over Ukraine.
This Olympiad is a team competition simultaneously in four disciplines: math, physics, chemistry and biology. Program will include verbal, written and experimental stages as well as a traditional intellectual game “What? Where? When?” organized specifically for kids.
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Ukrainian Brain Bee – Neuroscience Competition among High School Students

Title: Ukrainian Brain Bee – Neuroscience Competition among High School Students

Competition among high school students (grades 8-11) on their knowledge of neuroscience – structure, functions of the nervous system, causes of the emergence of common nervous and psychiatric disorders, ways of their treatment. The competition is a part of the international competition International Brain Bee, supported by the world scientific community.

Structure of the competition:
1) The qualifying stage takes place in the form of Internet testing, participation in which can be taken by anyone interested. Annually more than 100 participants register for the competition. Participation is free. The goal is to select the best “brain experts” to be invited to the National Finals.
2) Country Finals are held at Bogomolets Institute of Physiology of NASU (Ukraine). Its structure is as close as possible to an international competition: written assignments, neuroanatomy (including work with both real human and animal brain samples, as well as with models), neurohistology (including work with microscopic samples), patient diagnosis based on disease history and video materials, and oral answers to questions.
3) The winner has the right to represent Ukraine at an international competition, which will be held in Berlin in 2018 as a part of the Forum of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies, one of the world’s largest scientific conferences in the field of neuroscience.

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