Lviv Data Science Hackathon (UCU + Hackathon Expert)

Name: Lviv Data Science Hackathon (UCU + Hackathon Expert)


Joint project of Ukrainian Catholic University and Hackathon Expert Group – student Data Science и Business Intelligence hackathon with problems from Agriculture and Finance sectors, as well as computer vision (drones, image recognition, etc.)

Goals of the event:

exchange of experience (students and professionals, industry experts), solving current problems, internships and employment opportunities, potential mentoring and/or investments, support in the development of personal projects by hackathon participants

The funds will be directed to: 

meals (80 ppl.*2 days*200 UAH) = 32.000 UAH
snacks (fruits, cookies) = 10.000 UAH
drinks (water, juice) = 6.000 UAH
conference collateral (name tags, posters, brand-wall) = 8.000 UAH
organising team (8 ppl., transport Kyiv-Lviv +accommodation) = 12.000 UAH
prizes = 30.000 UAH
PR = ?

In Total: 98000 UAH

Important: participation in the hackathon is free, but it requires solving the test task.

Venue: Kiev, Ukraine

Date: April 20-21 2018

Audience: 50-60 students from Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv and other cities.

Organizer: Co-Organizer (UCU + Hackathon Expert), Taras Panchenko, Hackathon Expert Group with the support of ACM Ukrainian Chapter and Theory.

Code for Facebook/Google 2x via Nova Ukraine: uaiqxelvcv2018