Richelieu Lyceum scientific events 2018

Title: Richelieu Lyceum scientific events 2018


#1. STEM summer camp
In June 2018 Richelieu Lyceum will organize its annual intellectual summer camp, an event which combines sophisticated lectures, competitions and tournaments and quests are mixed with beach time and sport activities. It is traditionally hosted for the best students in recognition of their hard work. Duration – 8 days.
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#2. Math and Natural Sciences Olympiad
In October 2018 Richelieu Lyceum will organise its traditional Scientific Olympiad “Richelieu Regata” hosting students from the top schools from all over Ukraine.
This Olympiad is a team competition simultaneously in four disciplines: math, physics, chemistry and biology. Program will include verbal, written and experimental stages as well as a traditional intellectual game “What? Where? When?” organized specifically for kids.
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Goals of the event:

#1. STEM summer camp
To extend scientific knowledge of the Richelieu Lyceum students beyond standard curriculum, to spot the talent for further development, to provide safe and relaxing leisure experience for 12-16 years old.

#2. Math and Natural Sciences Olympiad
Develop talent in Richelieu Lyceum, promote math and science in the student cohort

The funds will be directed to: 

#1. STEM summer camp
Meals and accommodation for 20 participants for 8 days: UAH 400 (USD 14) per day per person * 8 *20 = UAH 64000

#2. Math and Natural Sciences Olympiad
Total planned budget UAH 25000, including: T-shirts UAH 6500, Prizes UAH 5000, Transport within the city UAH 4500, Excursion for participants UAH 3000, Printed materials UAH 2500, Breakfast on the Finals day UAH 3500.

In Total: 89000 UAH

Venue: Odesa, Ukraine

Date: 30st of May 2018

Organiser: Konstantyn  Shyshkin

Code for Facebook/Google 2x via Nova Ukraine: uaiq-rl2018