Ukrainian Brain Bee – Neuroscience Competition among High School Students

Title: Ukrainian Brain Bee – Neuroscience Competition among High School Students

Competition among high school students (grades 8-11) on their knowledge of neuroscience – structure, functions of the nervous system, causes of the emergence of common nervous and psychiatric disorders, ways of their treatment. The competition is a part of the international competition International Brain Bee, supported by the world scientific community.

Structure of the competition:
1) The qualifying stage takes place in the form of Internet testing, participation in which can be taken by anyone interested. Annually more than 100 participants register for the competition. Participation is free. The goal is to select the best “brain experts” to be invited to the National Finals.
2) Country Finals are held at Bogomolets Institute of Physiology of NASU (Ukraine). Its structure is as close as possible to an international competition: written assignments, neuroanatomy (including work with both real human and animal brain samples, as well as with models), neurohistology (including work with microscopic samples), patient diagnosis based on disease history and video materials, and oral answers to questions.
3) The winner has the right to represent Ukraine at an international competition, which will be held in Berlin in 2018 as a part of the Forum of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies, one of the world’s largest scientific conferences in the field of neuroscience.

Target audience – High School Students

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Goals of the event:

1) To raise students’ interest in the neuroscience studies – one of the leading areas of modern global science.
2) To encourage starting a career in this field, which will lead to the emergence of new specialists – doctors, scientists, teachers, etc.
3) To encourage learning English.
4) To increase the scientific and educational prestige of Ukraine in the world.
5) To unite students interested in neurosciences (networking).

The funds will be directed to: 

1. National Finals
1.1. transportation to/from Kiev for the finalists – up to 3500 UAH (the exact amount will depend on the residence of the finalists, which will be determined in March 2018)
1.2. food (coffee breaks) for finalists and jury members – 1000 UAH
1.3. logistical expenses (delivery of visual materials and equipment-samples, etc.) –      500 UAH
1.4. souvenirs for finalists and jury members (t-shirts, pens with custom design, etc.) – 5000 UAH
1.5. printing and stationery expenses – 1000 UAH
=  11000 UAH

2. International Finals 2018 року
2.1. Participation fee –currently no information from the organizers is available, from the experience of previous years 500-700 EUR per person (participant + leader), ~ 700 EUR * 31.5 * 2 = 44 100 UAH
2.2. flight Kiev-Berlin-Kiev, ~ 250 EUR per person, 250 * 2 * 31.5 = 15750 UAH
=  59,850 UAH (this is an ideal full financing option, but partial financing is also possible – only the transportation, or everything but only for one national champion)
* the sums of part 2 are approximate due to exchange rate fluctuations, the uncertainty of the organizers in the exact amount of the registration fee and the fluctuations of the flight prices.

In Total: 70 850 UAH

Important: participation is free

Venue: Kiev, Ukraine

Date: 31st of March 2018

Organiser: Andrii Cherninskyi

Code for Facebook/Google 2x via Nova Ukraine: uaiq-brainchallenge2018