XVІ Ukrainian Physics Tournament for Students

IMPORTANT: This project was successfully conducted and financed with the participation of UAIQ.ORG.

Name: XVІ Ukrainian Physics Tournament for Students


Team competition, which consists of the timely solving and defense of 17 tasks, that are selected by the international organizing committee through the voting of the national organizing committees. The tasks are related to the research area, therefore, an exact answer is usually not anticipated. The defense of the work takes place in the form of a thesis defense seminar, where teams take turns and act as speakers, opponents, and reviewers. The jury consists of team leaders and academics, who are selected by the organizing committee of the tournament.

Note: It is not me hosting the tournament, but the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Read more – http://stp.ipt.kpi.ua

Goals of the event:

Support for students, who are motivated to work in teams, creative search and who share scientific values.

The funds will be directed to: 

1. Meals for participants and jury: breakfast on Saturday and Sunday in the canteen of the university for teams and their leaders, lunch for teams, leaders and juries: the estimated cost is 25000 UAH (the exact amount depends on the price of the canteen and the number of teams and jury).

2. The prize fund for the winners and participants of the finals: ideally it is better to provide valuable gifts at the discretion of the sponsor since money that is transferred to the account of the Physics Department will be difficult to use to buy gifts.

3. Collateral: print-out of the booklet, souvenirs: approximate amount – 2000 UAH

4. Procurement of materials for the final experimental competition of team leaders: approximate amount – 3000 UAH

5. Accommodation for participants and team leaders: an approximate amount of 10,000 UAH per team (for the calculations the price of a student dorm is used, support will be provided only for one team from the university).

6. Travel for participants and team leaders: an approximate amount is 15,000 UAH (the exact amount depends on the number of out-of-town teams and their route).

Total: 55000 UAH

Important: participation is free

Venue: Kiev, Ukraine

Date: 24th of November 2017

Audience: 50-60 students from Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv and other cities.

Organiser: Pavel Nakaznoy