The UAIQ.ORG project is a platform for raising funds for participation in international olympiads, holding local olympiads and other systematic non-profit educational initiatives in mathematics, physics, and computer science in Ukraine among high school and university students.

Who finances educational projects at UAIQ.ORG? 

Projects through the UAIQ.ORG platform are financed by successful Ukrainians (graduates from technical universities), who live abroad (USA, Canada, UK, etc.), but consider it their duty to support educational STEM projects in Ukraine.

Why finance educational projects in Ukraine? 

The state of Ukraine is still not flexible in financing STEM initiatives and olympiads, therefore often events are canceled, and talented students can not go to international olympiads because of the lack of funding.

By helping talented people, we hope that when they become successful they will also help others and contribute to the development of Ukraine.

Examples of funded projects: 

  • Trip of a team of high school students to the international tournament in mathematics/physics/programming (air tickets and hotel);
  • Conducting a computer vision/machine learning hackathon among students (transport costs for organizers, purchase of prizes);
  • Holding a summer school in mathematics/physics for talented high school students (payment for accommodation for students from low-income families).

Who initiated the project UAIQ.ORG?  

Vitaliy Goncharuk, Dmytro Mishkin, Viktor Sdobnikov

The organizers are engaged in the screening of the project asking for funds (check their reliability) and provide organizational assistance to the initiators of the projects.

All decisions are made collectively and based on consensus.

UAIQ.ORG project partners: